All you need to know about Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant comes as an effective solution against falling and thinning hair, taking a person close to baldness. Hair transplant is better than the use of topical treatments for hair restoration. The procedure involves taking hair from a healthy part of the scalp and grafting the follicles to the thinning or balding section of the scalp.

The two techniques that experts apply for Hair transplantation include Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit transaction. The two vary in terms of procedure and cost involved. Whichever be the technique, a Hair transplant session takes time of few hours scheduled for some days. However, after every session, a person can go home. It does not require an overnight stay in the medical centre.

The number of transplantation sessions experts fix for the person depends on many factors. Some of them include Hair type, hair quality, hair colour, and size of the area that needs transplantation. The procedure is not much painful though it takes time for swelling and soreness to subside. One needs to take pain controlling and anti-infection prescriptions for safe and faster recovery.

Some aftercare tips can help in a smooth and safe recovery after hair transplantation. Avoiding hair wash for few days after transplantation gives time for follicles to adjust.  Brushing softly and avoiding pressing hair helps the hair strands to gain strength.

One should opt for clothes that are easy to wear and remove without involving much head movement.

Restricting the exercise and strenuous activity for a week can help in a safe recovery. Selecting the expert for the procedure is a must. It largely influences the outlook one acquires after the hair transplant, and the skills of experts play a vital role in ruling out the complications that may arise due to lack of experience and practice.